Rhett Brewer

Artist Statement

Although I’ve been painting professionally since 1981 I feel that I am a relative newcomer to the Australian Landscape. I’ve exhibited my paintings of old buildings, junkyards, industrial landscapes and urban streetscapes but apart from sporadic painting excursions in the bush where I’ve painted for pure please and kept them for myself I have managed to avoid exhibiting what we recognise as ‘Australian Landscape’. The reason for this is that it’s been done so often, I’ve seen so much of it with oily coloured paint pushed around on a stretched rag. I live in the bushy and I spend a lot of time in it. I like the way it reclaims the things we build. Time and the elements turn man made things back and make them their own. That has always been what interests me. So the work I make usually has our built environment and the natural world in a kind of struggle. I use roads, cards, houses, bridges and other objects and often juxtapose them with natural forces like sunlight, rain, the surge of the sea, the movement of air, chemical transformation and time itself.

Unlike most of the other artists on the Flider’s trip in May 2012 I got as much from the bus ride, shooting photos through the window and spotting ruined things as I got from walking through the ancient hills, but I’ll never forget it and I know I’ll go back soon because it’s where my work is taking me.

Mafra Arabesque Oil on Canvas $1800
Mafra Morning Breakdown Oil on Canvas $1800
Grindle’s Hut Oil on Canvas 490 x 300mm $1200
Water Tank, Grindle’s Hut Oil on Canvas 490 x 300mm $1200
Water Tank, Willow Springs Oil on Canvas 490 x 300mm $1200
Observatory, Arkaroola Oil on Canvas 490 x 300mm $1200

Rhett Brewer — Curriculum Vitae


Academic Qualifications

1994-96 Master of Art (Hons) Fine Arts, University of Western Sydney, Nepean

1983 B.A. Vis. Art, City Art Institute, Sydney

1977-79 Dip Art Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney


Selected Experience

2011 Guest Teacher, Cooee Bay Art Group, Queensland

2007 Artist in Residence, The Lock-up, Newcastle, NSW

1981-2007 Lecturer, Painting & Drawing UWS

2004-05 Exhibitions committee, Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest,

2001 UWS Representative, planning committee member & website curator for 5th Annual Conference of ISIS SYMMETRY, UNSW

2000 Artist in Residence, Bundanon Trust


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Painting the Everglades, Rhett Brewer & Leo Robba, Everglades, Leura

2011 The Golden Age, (curator & exhibitor) Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor

1998 The Coloured Digger, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney

2008 Postcards, John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle

2006 Cars and Houses, Wallspace Gallery, Sydney

2006 M4 Group show, (initial convccept, curator & exhibitor) UWS Gallery

2005 Group Show, David Rex-Livingston, Sydney

2004 Three Colours White, Brenda May Gallery Sydney

2003-04 The Landscape Show, Lewers Bequest & Penrith Regional Gallery

2001 Intersections of Art and Science, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, UNSW Sydney

2000 Artists Studio, Bundanon

1998 I.S.I.S Symmetry, 4th Conference and Exhibition, Hiafa, Israel

1998 Australian Contemporary Art Fair 8, Melbourne

1998 Science in the Arts, Arts in the Sciences, Academy of Fine Art, Budapest

1998 M.A and beyond, Casula Powerhouse

1998 Bryan Nylan Collection Penrith Regional Gallery

1997 Sweet Foray, Katoomba

1995 Beyond the Perimeter, Sydney Festival

1994 Michael Nagy Gallery, Sydney

1993 No Angels, No Trumpets, Space YZ, University of Western Sydney, Nepean

1992 Austalsky Vzorek, The cademy of Applied Arts and Design, Prague, Czechoslovakia

1990 Australian Contemporary Art Fair 2, Melbourne

1989 Variations, Pier 4, WalshBay, Sydney

1988 Finalist, Sulman Prize, ArtGallery of NSW

1987 Regional Accent, The Lewers Bequest and PenrighRegionalArtGallery

1985 4 Ways, BrisbaneCollege of Advanced Education

1979 Ivan Doherty Gallery, Sydney

1985 Finalist, Sulman Prize, ArtGallery of NSW

1982 Lewers Bequest and PenrithRegionalArtGallery, with David Hull and Graham Marchant

1982 WoollarahArtGallery

1979-81 SydneyCity Heritage

1979 Ivan Doherty Gallery, Sydney


Individual Exhibitions

2010 Myth and Memory Depot Gallery, Sydney

2008 Re-enchantment: Rhett Brewer’s Newcastle, John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle

2007 Sydney Light, Wallspace Gallery, Sydney

1999 Creation Myths, Michael Nagy, Sydney

1996 Paint, Maling Gallery and Turbine Gallery, Casula Powerhouse , Sydney

1996 Paint, Michael Nagy, Sydney

1993 River, Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney

1989 D.C Art, Sydney

1988 Breewood Gallery, Katoomba

1984 Hogarth Gallery, Sydney

1981 ZandersBondGallery, Melbourne

1981 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney


Selected Collections

Parliament House, Canberra

O.E.C.D Offices, Paris

Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney

Ballarat Court House

Art Bank

Brian Nulan Geometric Art Collection

Transfield Collection

Private Collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, USA and the UK


Selected Reviews and Publications

2011 Cold War, Hot Dogs, with text by Peter Doyle

31 January 2004, The Landscape Show (with photography) Lenny Ann Low.

December 2003, Time out (with photograph) Cumberland Newspaper Group

28 December 2003, “Recalling Landscapes” Must See (with photograph) Sunday Telegraph.

12 December 2003, Spotlight- Chrisanthi Giotis (with photograph) Sydney Morning Herald

December 2003/January 2004 Art Almanac Profile (with photograph)

13 June 2001, “Witty Blend of Art and Science” – Courtney Kidd, Sydney Morning Herald

7 June 2001, “Symmetry and its Dissimilarities” – Anna Munster. Catalogue, Ivan Dougherty Gallery UNSW

1999 Ars (Dis) Symmetrica 99 Catalogue and profile ISIS Symmetry & Institute for Research Organisation, HungarianAcademy of Sciences.