Michael Ambriano

My work is expressionist in nature. I paint primarily in oils and usually work from plein-air sketches. I am driven by being in the landscape, especially focusing on my local environment in the Sutherland shire that still holds pockets of scrub criss-crossed with fire and nature trails that lend themselves to gestural brush movements. There is a simple overriding love of the bush that drives landscape painters and my recent trips to places such as the Royal National Park and Ben Boyd and Milmosa National Parks, have enabled me with more critical view of my own region and art practice. The smell of oil and eucalyptus become merged and the ability to sit in silence within the landscape mans that I connect with theĀ minutiaeĀ  the unique birdlife, the detritus?

My work is the culmination of these experiences and I hope that there is a seduction in the pain surface that will lure the viewer to venture into the landscape for themselves and to appreciate the need to nurture what is remaining.

Erosion Lines Etching A/P 250 x 280mm $450
Night Landscape Etching A/P 250 x 280mm $450
Blue Pool Oil on Canvas 850 x 1000mm $2300
Purple Sky Oil on Canvas 900 x 1110mm $2600