Tim Allen

Artist Statement

When working en plein air I build up loose and expressive marks from the beginning (I don’t do any preliminary drawing), many of which will still be visible in the final work. My mark making is expressive, with references to abstract expressionism and Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. Between bursts of spontaneous, unmediated drawing I will spend long periods in contemplation, observing the artwork, getting both an instinctive and cognitive sense of how the artwork should progress. This is where the studio practice becomes important. The combination of plein air and studio work gives the drawing its character – the spontaneous, expressive qualities of my mark making are wedded to varying degrees of representation and observation. This hopefully produces a visual tension for the viewer, as landscape images shift in and out of focus.

I have traveled to the Flinders Ranges on several occasions, previously to undertake multi-day walks, navigating with map and compass. I am drawn to the openness, the dramatic contrasts and the elemental wildness of the Flinders Ranges. In these drawings I wanted to describe an environment that was vast, silent and still as well as being imbued with energy and anxiety. I think these competing emotions form a paradox that is at the heart of my experience of spending time in wilderness environments.

Gammon Ranges, Folded Sediment I 1090 x 790mm Mixed Media on Paper $3,300
Gammon Ranges, Folded Sediment II 1090 x 790mm Mixed Media on Paper $3,300
The Pinnacles, Folded Sediment and Granite 1090 x 790mm Mixed Media on Paper $3,300


Tim Allen with Seaforth Series paintings

Tim with ‘Seaforth Series’