Tony Druery

Tony Druery has been an artist and art teacher in the Mackay region for the past 20 years. He has developed a connection with the river, creeks, and coastlines of the Mackay region. Mackay is quickly evolving. The skyline and cityscapes are quite different to what they were five years ago. Many of Tony’s reduction linocuts depict iconic places such as buildings, the bridge, and the river bank. They capture a moment in time before inevitable progress.

There are always many viewpoints about the advantages and disadvantages of development. Do we create an attractive waterline or do leave a grubby but meaningful watermark? Ultimately, the artworks produced by Tony Druery are meant to help foster memories and record changes in Mackay’s history.

Bridging The Gap Limited Edition Print $300
Coming Soon Limited Edition Print $350
Cracker Limited Edition Print $200
Eeny Meeny Moo Limited Edition Print $350
Fish Eye’s View Limited Edition Print $350
A New Level Limited Edition Print $300



Tony Druery’s work at Mackay Library